Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is anybody out there?

I'm alive, really I am!! The past two months flew as life at Maple Grove shifted into overdrive. First, I taught high school English for a month with only a few days notice. What fun! The experiences merit a separate blog post, which I'll try to write soon.

Next, I served another Walk to Emmaus and it was especially powerful. I've never felt so close and united in spirit with 52 other people. God taught me so many lessons through this Walk. Most importantly, He showed me love. How to love and be loved because He loves us so much. Amazing. I'm still basking three weeks later.

Terry and I began RCIA classes in September to join the Catholic Church. Yes, really. After several years of prayers and consideration, this is the time. We will become full members of the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil service in late April.

Last weekend I went to visit Lucas in New York. What a wonderful, action-packed adventure we had. One of the high points for both of us was attending a Solemn Pontifical Mass on Thursday night. We attended mass together every day I was there and it was such a humbling, centering experience. My favorite times were the 7:00 a.m. daily masses at St. Joseph's, a church near Luke's apartment. A handful of faithful attendees gather in the dark, quiet church early each morning. Psalms are read from a special prayer book and the entire service takes about 25 minutes. Then we walked to Luke's favorite coffee shop and a different shop for bagels. Friday morning we watched parents walking children to school. Monday morning we arranged for our taxi to pick us up at the coffee shop. I love living like New Yorkers live for just a few days. Saturday night, tired from touring all over the city, Luke and I sat in his apartment and watched Ken Burns' "10th Inning" baseball series update. We ordered in Chinese food which was delivered within fifteen minutes of our call. The quintessential New York experience and another favorite memory.

I'm taking three education classes this semester, one of which is a killer. So every moment is full and I'm learning to take deep breaths and pray constantly. Life is full and I am thankful. I've missed you all, if there's anyone left to read this.

I'm thinking of making a new blog, a more public one linked to my Facebook account. I just don't feel quite comfortable opening this one up as I wrote it with the intention of it being "anonymous" and I don't have time to read through all I've written. I'm thinking of calling the new blog "God, family, baseball." Waddya think?