Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going Public?

Since its inception, Maple Grove has been a semi-anonymous blog. I've never used my real name or disclosed our town name. Some of my faithful readers know my full name and have my mailing address, but I have felt fairly secure in my anonymity. It's not that I write stuff I would be ashamed to claim, but I felt more freedom to write honestly about things in my life thinking those who know me in real life would not read them. Jen at Conversion Diary posted yesterday about one of the pitfalls of being known as a blogger.

Carol recently asked if I would start linking my posts to Facebook, so she could follow the updates there. I've been contemplating doing that even before Carol asked, as I've thought about the future of this blog.

I certainly don't expect any of you to wade through the archives but I wondered if you would tell me if you recall anything I've written that might embarass my family or friends if the post were public? I don't want to hurt anyone. I doubt any of my friends or family on Facebook will take the time to read the archives, but I just wondered what you would do?

Should I remove the archives to a different blog? One only known to me? Should I start a new public blog? I know, too much to contemplate when it's so hot outside?


Donna Boucher said...

You have always been discreet. I have never read anything that I thought was too personal...
well...except when you have shared you weight in your weighloss section.

But that is just me.
My husband has no idea what I weigh.


Sandy C. said...

Donna, thanks for your ideas. I was more open about my weight than I would normally be hoping the transparency would help with results. ;)

My husband doesn't know what I weigh either. Lately, I'm really coming to peace with the appearance aspects of my weight. I am what I am and I've been this weight for over 15 years now. I need to be conscious of the health aspects, certainly, but I'm almost ready to quit worrying about how I look and just be content to be me. Easier said than done, of course!